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Founded in 2002, Riverbed Technology is a pioneer in wide area data services with a range of products that help solve the issues of low bandwidth and bottlenecks that clog a wide range of network applications. By creating optimization solutions.

Riverbed is changing the way people work and allowing a scattered distributed workforce to work together as if they were close to each other.

Increase performance up to 100 times.

Determine the optimal path for each application to speed up distribution on WANs and other networks.
Reduce response time to deploy virtual servers, desktops, and applications faster and easier than ever.
Reduce costs and improve productivity.

Reduce bandwidth usage by 60-95%, thus delaying expensive network bandwidth upgrades.
Support up to one million connections.
Increase throughput and number of connections in a box by up to 50%.
Balancing traffic on private and public links.
Get visibility and control.

Deploy in minutes without changing applications, users, routers or other IT infrastructure.
Automatically discover and report on applications used throughout your organization.

Implement seamless management through powerful command line and command line interfaces, including in-depth reporting and NetFlow export.
Improve data protection efforts with faster WAN. Eliminate your remote backup infrastructure and improve replication up to 10 times and more, while reducing the cost and complexity of your WAN infrastructure.
SteelHead CX device features:
Multi-stage optimization

Includes Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS), providing LAN-like performance on LAN.
Accelerate all TCP applications to increase performance up to 100 times.
Combining data reduction, as well as optimizing TCP, UDP and application-level protocols across the network for an unrivaled multi-tier optimization strategy.
Support large scale deployment.

Support up to a million connections through intelligent performance architecture and scale as you grow.
Improve ROI with more connections and throughput up to 50% from one device.
Faster, more effective disaster recovery.

Accelerate both replication and backup from the branch – or between data centers – 10 or more times.
Eliminates the need for additional or longer bandwidth.