F5 Networks Viprion c4480 B4300 SSL i15800


Refurbished F5 Networks Viprion c4800 system bundle 320 Gb through put more powerful, more fault tolerant appliance than BIG-IP i11800 i15800

F5 Networks Viprion c4800 system bundle includes hardware and software/license listed below:

– F5-VPR-LTM-C4480-AC chassis
– 4x 110-240V Power Supplies.
– 4x F5-VPR-LTM-B4300 Blades


+ F5-ADD-VPR-VCMP-C4480 Virtual Clustered Multiprocessing License for 4480 Chassis

+ F5-ADD-VPR-SSL4 SSL License Upgrade for 4480/2400 Chassis (Max TPS)
OS version: BIG-IP v15.1.2

Service check date: 12-31-2020

Manufacturer: F5 Networks

Condition: Refurbished

Warranty: 12 months

Units in stock: 2

Ships within 24 Hours

  • The Viprion 4480 bundle up for sale including refurbished VIPRION 4480 chassis and four B4300 blades for combined 320Gb throughputs.
  • Software version BIG-IP 15.1.
  • LTM base, SSL unlimited, vCMP licenses.
  • Each VIPRION 4300 blade:
    12 processor cores (a total of 24 hyperthreaded logical processing cores).
    48Gb RAM memory
    600Gb SATA drive.