Riverbed SteelHead EX 1160VH


Riverbed SteelFusion EX 1160 with 100Mbps Optimized WAN Capacity LIC-EXA-1160-VH and MSPEC-VH-100

Manufacturer: Riverbed

Specification: SteelFusion EX

Part number: EXA-1160-B025

License: MSPEC-VH-100, LIC-EXA-1160-VH

Condition: Refurbished

Warranty: 12 months

Units in stock: 2

Ships within 24 Hours


SteelFusion Edge 1160 Enterprise Edition 48GB (for LIC-EXA-1160-VH) and additional license for upgrade from 50Mbps to 100Mbps WAN capacity MSPEC-VH-100




LK1-SH10BASE-0000-0000-1 Scalable Data Referencing (SDR) Valid

LK1-SH10EXCH-0000-0000-1 Microsoft(R) Exchange Valid

LK1-SH10CIFS-0000-0000-1- Windows(R) File Servers Valid

LK1-MSPECEX1160VH-0000-0000 Model EX1160VH Specification Valid


LK1-SH40SSL-0000-0000-1  Enhanced Cryptographic License Key Valid

Included Microsoft(R) SQL Server Valid

Included NFS Valid

Included HTTP Valid

Included Oracle Forms Valid